Venice introduces a 'manners list'

Venice has introduced an initiative to encourage tourists to act with decorum when visiting the city.
The initiative, known as 'Venice Is Yours Too, Respect It' (Venezia รจ anche tua, rispettala!), asks tourists to respect the city and act as if it is their own. 
copyright: Deborah Cater

There are 10 requests for decent behaviour, written in 7 languages, distributed around the city. 

My favourite (which should be de rigeur EVERYWHERE) is dress code. I fail to see why anyone thinks it is OK to walk around town in their swimming costume, or bare-chested (and sadly the bare-chested men tend to have an over-sized belly to boot). Note the 500€ fine if you are caught doing so

The other 9 rules are:
  • No picnicking around St. Mark's Basilica. Fine up to 500€
  • No throwing of litter. Fines up to 500€
  • No feeding of the pigeons. Fine up to 500€
  • Keep to the right and do not linger in the narrow calli of Venice as this leads to congestion.
  • Do not buy goods from unlicensed street vendors. Fine up to 7,000€
  • Put rucksacks on the ground when on public transport - not everyone is on holiday. Store your bags where the boat staff tell you to - you can be fined up to 500€ if you do not.  The water-taxis are used by locals and business-people, do respect their right to get around the city relatively unhindered.
  • Do not put up fly-posters or deface monuments through graffiti. Fines up to 500€
  • Keep the noise down after 11pm so as not to disturb the locals. Fines up to 500€
  • Flooding. Should you be in the city when it floods; keep to the raised walkways and to the right.
The rules are common sense really, but Venice must feel that they need re-iterating. 

Whether you are in Venice or anywhere else be respectful of the locals and be a responsible tourist.

Happy Travels!


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