Hell really is a place on earth.

An article'10 things about Hell', on the BBC website left one very important fact out; Hell exists - I've been there. 

In fact, I've played pool with the locals there - and won. No devilish pact required, just sheer luck and an unusually accurate potting action. 

I sent a postcard home from Hell; the problem is I don't think anybody looked at the post-mark!

'So, where on earth is Hell?' I hear you cry. Well, it's in a hot place....OK, it is on Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.

Hell Grand Cayman

Hell is a group of black limestone formations, not particularly high in stature and known as Ironshore, that take up the space of about half a football pitch. When the sun sets the formations are tinged with orange which one could take for the fires of hell. 

How Hell was so named is the subject of a couple of theories: 

  • A pebble thrown into the limestone peaks echoes for ages, as if it is falling all the way down to hell.
  • This is what Hell must look like.
Whichever it is, it means that Hell does exist on earth, but the eternal battle has not been won. A good number of the stores in the village have Biblical references written on their sides, and let's face it Grand Cayman is one of the most heavenly places on earth!

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Tourist Trap Warning: If you can avoid visiting Hell when the cruise ships are in you'll have a far better experience. There is no charge for entering/seeing Hell, but it can become very crowded. 


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