Jacket Blurb

I have been working on the jacket blurb for the book, the words on the back cover of the book. Hopefully it will entice readers to buy the book. Let me know what you think.
A Tale of Nine Cities relates the tale of an eye-opening and inspirational trip taken by two 30 year-old friends around central and eastern Europe by train. Cramming nine cities in eight countries into fifteen days this is no mean feat.
Full of fascinating facts and history of the places visited this is more than a cultural travelogue. The tale is also an amusing and frank account of the adventure during which the girls face some hard facts about themselves and their differing takes on life.
The final edit is underway and I have also sent a copy to my travelling companion to give her a chance to redact (Julian Asange I am not!). So far - silence. Either she has not had a chance to read it yet or is so absorbed she has not had a chance to give me feedback. I hope it is the latter!!


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