Top Travel & Tourism Trends for 2017

What does 2017 hold in store for those who like to travel? Whatever, you like, there’s a whole world out there to be explored, enjoyed, tasted...

But if you would like an oversight into what is expected to trend in 2017, then look no further (except down the page).

Sustainable Tourism

2017 is the United Nation World Tourism Organisation’s “Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”, which in a nutshell means responsible tourism, ensuring that there is as little detrimental and as much positive effect as possible in tourist places.  

This can come in the shape of social inclusiveness, poverty reduction, not leaving rubbish, sustainable economic growth and mutual understanding besides others.  So whether you decide to take a trip that provides locals with sustainable economic growth such as using local guides,  or use your initiative and collect rubbish found in the countryside/on beaches etc. you can do your bit to help.

I may have mentioned this before…Yes, I did.

Action & Adventure

Action and adventure holidays come in all shapes and sizes from extreme adventure - going to some of the most remote and isolated (or seen as potentially dangerous) locations and/or indulging in adrenalin-inducing activities - to cycling holidays. They have been popular for some time and that trend looks to continue.  

Cycling in Patagonia
It doesn’t have to be extreme; it’s just not lying on a beach with a book!

Solo Travel

It is nice to share, but it’s also pretty bloody exciting doing things on your own and making new friends in the process.  Solo travel is increasing among the female population, and they are not looking for gender stereotypical holidays like a spa hotel - they too want adventure.

Male or female, solo travel is a great opportunity to try something new, when and how you want. Whether it’s joining a group of strangers on a trek through the Andes or simply wiling the hours away in cafés and museums, the choice is yours and yours alone.


What a number of us miss out on, as we go out exploring new continents and countries, are the jewels in our own crown. With exchange rates capable of changing dramatically overnight, staycationing is the perfect opportunity to avoid the pitfalls of cash converting and enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds on our own doorstep.

Glamping - camping with less of the dirt and more of the comfort

In the UK, ABTA reports that domestic holidays are going to increase in 2017. VisitEngland, with their theme of “Year of Literary Heroes” - from Jane Austen to Harry Potter – have a host of activities for all to enjoy and if that is combined with a different type of accommodation experience, such as glamping, there is no reason not to staycation.

Limited Numbers at Sights/Sites

St. Mark's Square, Venice - and it's not even high season
This links to Sustainable Tourism in that it is a drive to protect cultural and natural sites from overcrowding and degradation.  Venice is looking into ways to limit numbers; Machu Picchu already has a limit of 500 permits per day (which still sounds a lot to me, so goodness knows how packed it was before). 

Pompeii is suffering as a result of too much tourism (as well as lack of proper maintenance and historically some rather dodgy excavating) and the free tickets on Sundays are capped at 15,000 per day, while the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are limiting cruise ships to a number of 4 every fortnight.

Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii

Food Tourism

Aligning food experiences with the culture of the area is on the up.  Cooking courses, farm tours and classic markets that are linked to the story of the place are in demand, connecting travellers with the culture, people and traditions of a destination.

Local sweet Malaga one, very popular during feria week.

The World Food Travel Association says, “Simply put, developing and promoting an area’s food and beverage culture leads to increased awareness, increased consumption, and more sales and profits for all parties involved.”

Amen to that. Once again this ties in with sustainable tourism, which I see as a positive step towards an innate acceptance of the movement.

As I say on my food and travel blog, “You have to taste a culture to understand it”.

Local Italian cheese and sausages at a food market

Of course, there’s nothing to say you have to follow the trend – though being a responsible traveller is a flipping good one to follow – you can set your own itinerary and travel near or far, creating lasting memories whether you go solo or in the company of friends. 

Whatever you choose, happy travelling!


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