Let's get ready to party!

If you're suffering from Brexit Blues, or just haven't got round to booking your summer hols yet, then a week in Malaga in August is quite possibly the best option.

The Spanish know how to party and for 8 days Malaga will be transformed into one great street party.

A fireworks display on the evening of the 13th August (2016) will signify the start of the feria which incorporates wine, dancing and singing, local food, the Romería with the elegant Andaluz horses and horse-drawn carriages, a fairground and the colourful crowds in traditional flamenco dress.

The feria´s roots date back to 1487 when the Catholic kings – Ferdinand and Isabella – re-conquered the city which had been part of the Moorish empire for almost eight centuries. The first feria was held in 1491 on the 15th August (Assumption Day) with a procession of the Virgin Mary from the new cathedral to Santiago church. The Moorish castle of Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba still provide a stunning backdrop, along with the cathedral and Malaga´s other many and varied architectural wonders, for the week long celebration.


Plaza de la Constitucion
During the day, the atmosphere is lively with the streets of Malaga´s beautiful old town thronging with visitors and locals alike. Women of all ages can be seen walking through the city in their frilled flamenco dresses, and don’t be surprised if they suddenly start dancing to the music of one of the bands that line the main shopping street, Calle Larios. The fun is infectious and you may just find yourself dancing alongside them.
Tourists and locals heading to the feria

A bit sweet for my taste, but very popular during feria!

In the evening, the action moves to the Feria ground with casetas offering entertainment and refreshment, whilst the bright lights and booming music of the fairground entice people onto Ferris wheels and dodgem cars. The action continues until the early hours of the morning.

In my opinion, feria week is not to be missed.


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