Where to in 2013?

Following on from a year of interesting towns and cities in Spain and Italy I am moving further afield in 2013.
I am sticking to Europe but edging eastwards to the Balkans for my main trip in June - Romania.

Four years ago I planned a tour of all the countries that form the Balkans but with limited holiday allowance at work it was not do-able. Instead I made a short break to Bulgaria and Istanbul, but the urge to discover these promising countries has not left me. So, starting in Budapest (Hungary) I shall be boarding a train and heading into Romania, a country that has inspired some of the best Gothic novels ever written - I refer of course to Dracula and Frankenstein - but which offers so much more. Planning is still underway but the salt-mines of Cacica, the Saxon villages of Transylvania as well as the cities of Brasov and Bucharest are definitely on the cards.

My first trip is a lot closer in many ways. Shortly I'll be returning to my homeland of England, particularly the West Country. I may have visited Exeter on a number of occasions but have I taken notice of its finer points? Sadly, not. I plan to rectify that, looking at the city with fresh eyes. This of course depends entirely on the British weather which is not boding well...snow, ice and fog are hiding the horizon there; but if I am forced to wile away the hours in a pub then a slice of game pie and a glass of red wine in front of a roaring fire will do me just as well.

March will see me return to the Marche region of Italy. In November I visited some of the Ascoli province, this time I will focus on the province of Macerata. Piazzas, university towns, Renaissance and Gothic architecture and medieval hill-top villages await.

The second half of the year currently stands empty as far as travelling is concerned but there is little doubt that I will soon fill it with trips hither and thither. I will continue to explore the ever delightful Andalucía which never ceases to entertain and intrigue.

2013 will also see the publication of Crossing the Bosporus which tells of my trip to Bulgaria and Istanbul. Keep your eyes peeled for news of its publication.

I hope that 2013 involves some exciting travel for you all. Thank you for following me in 2012 and I look forward to sharing my trips during 2013.

Happy Travels!

Step out from the shade and explore new horizons 


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