A Wonderful 2012 - Here's to an Equally Brilliant 2013

Looking back at my travels in 2012 I realised I've been to quite a few places.
Some were close to home, others a little further afield, all of them in either Spain's beautiful Andalucía or different parts of the equally interesting Italy. I've captured a few memories in a slideshow; share my memories of a wonderful 2012 of travel. (Hover over the slideshow for music on/off options)

I've enjoyed every minute of my travels and next year promises to be just as exciting with a rail trip around Romania already in the planning process, another province of Italy's Marche region to be explored and yet more of Spain to delve into.

In 2012 I released the second of my travelogues A Little Bit of Italy and 2013 will see the release of Crossing the Bosporus, a trip from Bulgaria to Istanbul in the company of friends. I shall of course be keeping up my blogs and hope that you can find time to share my experiences with me.

Here's to a fantastic 2013 - Happy Travelling!


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