Exciting times! The second of the City Chronicles travelogue trilogy is almost ready for release. The cover has been designed and the manuscript edited and corrected. All I await is the printed proof to confirm that all has worked as it should...then publication day!

A Little Bit of Italy tells of my travels, by train, from Venice to Rome via Florence, Siena, Milan and Pisa, and the added bonus of the Bay of Naples.There's history, culture, architecture, churches and the odd dead body. There's an insight into the relationship with my fiancé who travelled with me (I don't mind telling you, it wasn't good!); but most of all, this is my look at the parts of Italy most travelled.

The Grand Canal, Venice

Extract from City Chronicles: A Little Bit of Italy

Approaching the piazza from the west via the Calle Larga XXII Marzo I imagined emerging from the colonnades to gaze across the gathered tables of the coffee houses and restaurants to the Basilica of San Marco whilst the words of a dozen languages floated up into the air to be scattered by the pigeons as they swooped for tid-bits amongst the tables. 

Caserta Palace

Extract from City Chronicles: A Little Bit of Italy

CASERTA - sat on the edge of a fountain
Sitting on the basin’s edge in the warmth of the sun, that was doing its best to keep the clouds at bay, I was joined by a lizard which had crept out from between the stones. The lizard sat next to me, lifted his head and closed his eyes. I’m rather fond of lizards and this chap with his lozenge markings of dark green was the perfect, quiet companion to contemplate art with. Suitably warmed, the lizard departed for the undergrowth while Sarah, Marco and I started our descent back to the palace.


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