Christmas Book Sales

Christmas is one of the boom times of the year for book sales (The Bookseller tweeted that sales soared by £8.8million last week), and quite rightly so. Giving a loved one something that they can cherish until the end of their days has to be considered as the ultimate present. I do not think there has been a year when I have not been given books or book tokens so I can make my own choice. A book will always make me smile once unwrapped.

And this year I can contribute to somebody's happiness. My book is available via at the very reasonable price of £7 (plus p&p). In fact, if you are very quick you can purchase it at a 30% discount by the end of tomorrow (Wednesday 7th December 2011).

If you live in the Axarquia region of Spain you are also able to buy my book from one of the following shops:
Todo Papel, Competa
Marco Polo, Competa
W H Smiffs, Nerja
The English Shop, Puente don Manuel

Don't just take my word for the fact that this is a good little book. Here are some of the reviews received.

* * * * *
Nov. 25, 2011 By casahoya
A Ripping Yarn. If you were hoping for a conventional travel book, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Deborah Cater and conventional are not on speaking terms. If, however, you would enjoy a jolly good romp through some of the greatest cultural centres in Eastern Europe in the company of two healthy young women with a robust sense of humour and very few inhibitions, you will love this book. Warning, do not read this if you have no sense of humour. You can test this by reading the section on Amsterdam entitled 'The Last Chicken in Sainsbury's,' something, incidentally that I have never seen in real life and which has left me with a feeling that I've missed out on something. Well-written, very funny and a very good read. I'd buy it if I were you.
 Nov. 1, 2011 By dawn764
Such an honestly written account of two friends on their journey. A Tale of Nine Cities is not just a story of friends travelling and their experience. The writing cleverly combines a description of fine architecture, culture and character of all the cities visited, leaving an ambition to visit those you have not and relating to those you have. A simple burst of hilarious encounters and an honest approach to friendship along the way that any friends could relate to but in a way that leaves you in absolute fits of laughter waiting to read the next chapter. cannot wait for the next journey :)
* * * * * Nov. 2, 2011 By Helen Carver
I very quickly ripped through this book and at the end wished it had been longer. I loved the whirl around Amsterdam as it brought lots of good memories back for me. And as for Budapest, I may also go back there after all, because I found parts of that city very seedy but Deborah help me see there may be more to it. I thought Deborah's description of Auschwitz was particularly poignant. Even though we have all read accounts of this horror, they are usually written by people or even historians with a great deal of knowledge of this place, but Deborah's writing came straight from the heart. I liked both ladies non politically correct ideas on smoking and drinking. We all should be able to choose what we do in life. An entertaining bit of writing; well worth a read.
A book is a wonderful present, fits nicely into most Christmas stockings, or looks nice wrapped under the tree and then later on someone's bookshelf or bedside table. Give a book and make someone happy!


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