A Little Bit of Italy

That is the title of the second in the City Chronicles trilogy and I am busy putting pen to paper. I hope to have the book ready for publication by Easter (I hope it is late next year - must check). I've just spent the last five days in Italy, and though the only place I visited on this trip that is the same as the trip I am writing about is the airport at Fiumicino, I have the flavour of the country tingling on my memory's tastebuds. Everything helps in bringing the memories flooding back. Yes, I have my notebooks and photographs and other paraphenalia but there is nothing like setting foot in the country again to aid the synapses.

And so with my trusty Parker pen loaded with ink (from cartridges purchased at an old fashioned toy and stationery shop in Spoleto, Umbria) and virgin paper waiting to be penetrated with said ink, I set forth on my tour of A Little Bit of Italy once again.

Soaking up the Italian atmosphere - Grottammare, Abruzzo.

P.S. I am a slow learner when it comes to Twitter et al but today I managed to find three #tags that had not, until now, been used and can be said to relate to my books! I am now using #ninecities for the first of the City Chronicles trilogy, #bitofitaly for the second and #cctrilogy for the set. Look out for them, and use them, on twitter.


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